About us – Together in Safety

About us

The Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario and the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario launched Together in Safety to promote awareness and education in harm prevention and firearms safety. As champions of public safety, we want to keep Canadians and our communities safe.

Together in Safety has four key pillars:
— Suicide prevention
— Dementia and firearms
— Intimate partner violence
— Unintentional discharge

We’re working to develop messaging and resources around identifying signs of risk and educating the public on reporting safety concerns related to individuals with access to firearms.
We’ll be connecting with Canadians through a variety of media:

Online resources here at togetherinsafety.ca – we continue to grow, so check back soon!
Print, radio, and digital advertising
Multi-media messaging, including a YouTube channel coming soon
Community events and tradeshows – click here for news and events

Social media engagement, follow us here:

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We’ve had support from various experts in mental health and public safety including the Alzheimer Society of Ontario. Together, we’re working to create meaningful resources to engage all Canadians.
We can all play a part in keeping our communities safe. Let’s work together in safety!